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Acute viral disease, female, 68 years old.

Good afternoon! I write on behalf of my mother.
She is sick too, apparently got infected from children. One week ago, the shivering began, the bones began to ache very badly – the spine, both legs, especially the right hip. Nauseated, stomach ached. Inflamed gums, could not wear prosthetic teeth. In the morning her eyes hurt and itch. At night he sleeps very badly – shivers, sleeps in clothes and wrapped in a blanket. In the morning she feels weakness and her sweat begins to get warm. All her body sweats. Her legs are very cold. Previously, she always slept curled up, now she wants to sleep on her back, because the lobes of her ears lie down. Lethargy and drowsiness all day, Wants to lie alone and in the quiet. A couple of days there was a temperature of 38, then there was 37, now there is none, but all other complaints remained. She is also tormented by her dry throat cough, roaring cough. Today she began to cough up slime. Coughs all day, less at night, feels scratching in the throat.
Face is pale, earthy. Dry and scaly lips.
Does not want to eat or drink anything, but does it because she has to. In the stomach she has an unpleasant feeling, especially after eating. There is an unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth,nothing is tasty.
Does not want to go anywhere. She starts to shiver immediately outside, she feels worse.
In the morning she seemed to be better, especially when there was sun and frost. When there is slush and dusk she feels worse, immediately, she is overwhelmed by the pessimistic mood. In general, very irritable, especially by children. Really wants to teach everyone, everyone does everything wrong. She feels unhappy.
Today her back hurts less, and the calf muscles of her left foot ache.
Thank you. We are waiting for your recommendations.



After taking the medicine, my mother immediately felt a rush of heat from head to foot. The legs became very warm, and they were cold for a long time. She had to undress, because it was so hot. His face became pink.
At night, she could not sleep, because she felt that her leg was being twisted in painful places. And immediately she wanted to drink warm liquid, and she got up and did not feel the terrible yesterday’s pain in her leg. In the back of the head there were pinpoint painful pricking and there was a little pain in the forehead on the right side above the eye. Very often goes to the toilet to urinate. And when she sits down, a piercing pain in the lower abdomen on the right appears (she had this pain in her youth).
In the second half of the night she fell asleep and slept pretty soundly until 9 am (although in a dream she says she felt pain in her right leg).
The cough remained in the lying position. It became wet and it came as if from the chest, clears her throat, mucus comes out. When she coughs, she feels unpleasant sensations in the heart (like neuralgia).
Dryness in her mouth appeared. A small appetite appeared. She didn’t want anything specifically, but there was a small appetite. Has a constipation for three days already. A little less irritable, but she still has headaches, pinpoint pain and as if in different places. Her head lightened, but she still wants to lie down. Still does not want to get up and do something. So far, there is still apathy and no vivacity. Heat in the body, mostly at the top. Thank you!


Hello! After re-taking the remedy, my mother says that the cough was very strong at first and gradually decreased by the evening. Now only there is scratching in the throat when she is lying down. Her head brightened, it did not hurt anymore, her drowsiness passed. The only thing left was the pain in the groin on the right. The stool returned to normal. Appetite appeared, but still no preferences. Drinks warm liquid. Chills have passed, feet are warm. There is less inflammation on the gums, can already wear artificial limbs. Irritability, she says, is gone, but there’s been some kind of over-excitement when she is in a conversation. Does not want go out for the time being. Feels normal in general.
Sincerely, I.

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