Anantherium muriaticum – Vangelis Zafeiriou MD

This remedy shows an excessive sexual passion, that insatiable sexual desire which makes a person to have several sexual contacts per day. If there is no partner, that desire makes the person to satisfy those impulses which are so strong and pathological that person’s health is destroyed. It seems that sexual instinct is out of control, this may lead to an uncontrolled self-pleasure and in the end the patient may go out of his mind.   Extract from a case after Dr. V.Zafeiriou

In 1993 a 26-years old patient addressed me with AIDS and Kaposi’s sarcoma. He was homosexual, underwent recently a chemical therapy and was prescribed interferon. He also suffered from genital herpes treated during last 6 months with Zovirax ointment. During last two years he was suffering also from feet onychomycosis, but during last eleven months he had been treated against rectal condilomata.

What surprised me the most was his eccentric appearance. Hi was shaved almost clean except a ponytail on the top of his crane. His neck was decorated by colourful bead necklaces and his answers were very eccentric as well. Having asked about his psychic state, he said: “It is marvellous! I study psychology and my long-cherished wish to die will soon be satisfied! I believe in reincarnation and I will live forever!”, “I believe in dictatorship, not in the discussion with the populace. I am disgusted by the populace, I want to revenge and I am inpatient, I feel special and so happy with it!”

So you can see how the pathology of this medication is expressed in life. Even in case of such a severe pathology, pathology centre’s displacement to the psychic is very noticeable.

These people have a manner to dress in a grotesque style in public in order to influence the society by their shocking appearance. This medication may be indicated to some homosexuals who look punk-like.

One more characteristics of this medication is a wish to return to the same place and to satisfy sexual desire. This is a medication used in cases of mental disorders associated by an excessive sexual activity. The desire is very strong, accompanied by continuous erection and even priapism which makes the person masturbate.

The medication has another name – andropogon which means “hermaphrodite” in Greek and symbolises bisexuality, since it means an excessive sexual desire.

The medication is more suitable for men than for women, though there may be women with male qualities and an excessive sexual desire as well.

In this case the medication restores balance both in hormone system and mind. Such an excessive sexual desire which turns out to be destructive or self-destructive may presumably be the result of a suppressed syphilis. This is also evidenced by Anatherium’s physical pathology manifested by penis ulcer which is like chancre at the primary syphilis stage, also painfulness, oedema of lymph glands, abscess and Kaposi’s sarcoma incidental to the deep AIDS stage.

One more Anatherium characteristic manifests a noticeable complacency like a kind of narcissism. More often it finds expression in men with homosexual tendency. They are ready to spent their time on pleasure and loose their interest towards obligations, responsibility. They got a sensation that everybody is too down-to-earth, that they are more intelligent, more sensitive that the others. Being quite gifted in their profession, they are connoisseurs of sexual pleasures. They are so happy about their abilities, so may go out of their mind.

These persons are very jealous, even in their imagination.

Health problems, as well as fear of death may appear in those conditions, the emotional layer being destroyed. They are afraid that the pleasure can give place to sufferings, become anxious. Fear of water may develop to the point that they are afraid to swallow and even the word “water” may cause throat cramp.

This medication is closely associated to convulsions and cramps, so it may be epilepsy pathology. Especially in case of a low morality and a high sexual desire a tic can be usual symptom.

Patients can become hypochondriac, in the presence of other people the symptoms may intensify. So they avoid companies, loose self-confidence, become suspicious. In this state the anger rises up, they provoke quarrels, can become violent. At this stage the mind is clouded, the memory weakens; those persons are depressive, tearful, and prone to suicidal thoughts.

Very similar to Bufo, Platina, Lachesis, Strammonium, Thuja, Cannabis ind.

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