Acute viral disease – flu

Patient male 83 years old, acute post influenza.

The patient was in serious condition, taking several medications to fit the changing condition. The disease started with a strong throaty cough and the patient received KOKKUS KAKTI 200.

After the remedy, the cough became better, but the general condition worsened, the patient was practically in a partial coma, did not eat for two days, did not drink, feebleness, and the cough continued. For this condition, the patient received BRIONIA 200, after which nausea soon appeared and then he was given SEPIA 200.

The night was uneasy, strong weakness, difficulty to open eyes, and the patient receives GELZEMIUM 200.

But the condition does not improve; the next day it gets even worse, the inability to move, indifference, no desire to talk, wheezing in the lungs, photo-phobia, cold front of the chest, cold hands.

Analysing this state on the program “Vitulkas-Kompas” the system proposed two preparations GELZEMIUM AND PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM, but GELZEMIUM no longer helped, so the patient received PHOSPHORICUM ASIDUM.

On that day his state of health improved, he ate, but by evening the condition began to deteriorate again. He does not want to talk, his eyes do not open, weakness, coughing, wheezing in the lungs, indifference, consciousness swims away.

WHAT IS YOUR PRESCRIPTION? HOW TO SAVE THE PATIENT? WHY DID SUCH SITUATION DEVELOP? Questions to which the homeopath will answer if he understands the theory of homeopathy and knows Materia Medica.

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