Vangelis Zafiriou – Past seminars in Riga

The first seminar of classical homeopathy at the University of Latvia according to the program “practical homeopathy” with the teacher of homeopathy, psychiatrist Vangelis Zafiriou was held on the 5th and 6th of November, 2016, at which the doctors got acquainted with the program of the Athens school of classical homeopathy, and the learning process for beginner homeopaths. The most important knowledge for doctors was about the tactics of treatment in the practice of a homeopath from the long experience of the director and teacher of the Athens school of homeopathy Vangelis Zafiriou.

1-2 April 2017, in the world of homeopaths in Latvia…
On the first day of the month of April, when everyone is joking around, the doctors homeopaths were already at 10:00 am in class on classical homeopathy. The teacher of homeopathy Vangelis Zafiriou acquainted doctors with the peculiarities of classical homeopathic therapy in cases of mental pathology. The seminar on “Mental Health and Homeopathy Treatment” was approved by the program “Practical Homeopathy” at the University of Latvia at the Academic Council of the Medical Faculty in June 2015. The seminar was attended by doctors from Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, Greece. It is important to note that young doctors and medical students took an active part in the seminar. The interest of young doctors in the homeopathic method of therapy is growing, as having gained experience of curing themselves and their children without antibiotics, there is a natural desire to understand why this is possible.

At the third seminar “Practical homeopathy” in Latvian University we met on 16th and 17th of December 2017, which had a warm and friendly atmosphere. New and additional knowledge on homeopathic medicine, analysis of cases with bipolar disorders, assessment of cases with long-term catamnesis in such mental states without return of pathology after homeopathic treatment. It was important for doctors to understand how from a hundred complaints of the patient and correctly assess and select only a few, but the most important symptoms for a correct appointment. At the end of the seminar, from the centre of classical homeopathy, number certificates were presented and small memorable gifts with Christmas greetings and New Year’s greetings and wishes of great successes in the profession, personal happiness and health were given to participants!

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