For non-professionals

Dear listeners and those who interested in homeopathy!

The Center of Classical Homeopathy offers you the opportunity to participate in a series of seminars on classical homeopathy for non-professionals.

Seminars are organized both to popularize this method of treatment, and to explain to the general public the meaning and significance of this method of therapy. Such a thematic cycle of seminars for non-professionals will be held in Latvia for the first time, with the hope that the meaning and necessity of homeopathy will become clearer for a wide range of listeners.

To conduct the seminars will be professionals – doctors of the Center for Classical Homeopathy (homeopathic physician, neurologist Tatyana Pokatova (25 years of medical practice), Anastasia Yakovleva (dentist, homeopath, graduate of IACS, course of Prof. Vitulkas), Denis Oleinik (doctor, resident psychiatrist and the student of the last course of IACS, the course of Prof. Vitulkas), as well as colleagues from other practices and invited homeopathic lecturers from other countries who specialize in gynecology, psychiatry, cardiology, narcology and other disciplines.

At the seminars, we will talk about what is important to know when starting homeopathic therapy, and what does the “homeopathic doctor and patient” connection mean. How can anyone help themselves to improve their health by simple accessible actions. Let’s talk about the action of homeopathy and about the expected changes depending on the depth of the disease. And also we will acquaint ourselves with the most mysterious type of man and with the diseases that develop in this state. We will answer questions on the home homeopathic medicine cabinet. And we will prepare not only interesting, but also the most important information for practical use at home. The program is built in such a way that each new seminar has an independent character, but at the same time a new and important content for the listeners.

During the cycle of seminars you will learn much more:

  • about yourself, about family, about the relationship of man-woman, mother-child, father-child;
  • how diseases are formed, at what point it can be considered that the disease has begun;
  • what is the cause of the disease and how to eliminate it;
  • how to maintain health, how to measure health;
  • laws of homeopathic therapy;
  • that is important for the parents to know about therapy, how to behave during therapy;
  • what to do in acute conditions;
  • how to help trauma with homeopathy in any conditions;
  • the value of a homeopathic medicine chest;
  • homeopathy and pets;
  • addictions: alcoholism, drugs;
  • depression and how to recognise it;
  • and many other topics and issues arising from the discussions.

Seminars will be held in small groups in Russian or Latvian, depending on the audience; at a level accessible to any person. The cost of the seminar will include, first of all, organisational expenses, so it will not be high, except for those seminars which will be conducted by invited experts from other countries.

The next seminar on classical homeopathy for non-professionals will be held on November 23, 2017.

Seminar topics:

  1. Autumn colds.
  2. Physical trauma, the impact of trauma on later life:
    * chest trauma;
    * spinal trauma;
    * abdonimal trauma;
    * burns.
  3. First-aid kit in case of injuries.
  4. Plants and homeopathy.

The seminar will be conducted by the homeopath physician, neurologist Tatyana Pokatova (25 years of medical practice).

The seminar will be held in Russian (if necessary, translation into Latvian is provided).

You can register for the seminar:

by e-mail
by phone. 29151695
filling out a form for participation in the seminar


Topics of the past seminars:


Seminar “Basic principles of homeopathy. Adult and child “, part I.


– What is disease and health in terms of homeopathy.

– How to make the right decision in dangerous situations: when to go to a homeopath, and when to seek help in a hospital.

– Child and adult: relationships, health, illness.

– What to do when the child is sick, what the behavior tells us and what do complaints of the child tell us.


Seminar “Basic principles of homeopathy. Adult and Child “, part II.


– By what way is the disease formed and how is the health restored?

– Factors affecting the onset of the disease

– Factors that cause illness

– Factors restraining and forming health

– Relationship and influence of an adult on the child

– How homeopathic therapy affects a person

– How does medication therapy affect a person

– The possibilities of homeopathy – a clear example of the model of the “essence” of man.


Seminar “Human immunity, what strengthens it and what destroys it.”


– Human immunity

– Its features and weaknesses

– Factors that may affect immunity in general


Seminar “Homeopathic portraits and their taste preferences. More about the homeopathic medicine cabinet »


– The essence of some homeopathic drugs

– Features of some homeopathic polychrests

– Tastes of some homeopathic remedies

– What is important to emphasize in the complaints to the doctor

– How to choose a remedy from the medicine cabinet in an acute case, if urgent help is needed


Seminar “Recognition of the disease. Homeopathic medicine cabinet »


 – Difference between the body and the organism, as we consider it in Classical Homeopathy.

 – Recognition of the disease, healing properties of different medicines.

 – How to describe the case, in order to state the acute condition of the patient as clearly as possible.

 – Medicine – a simple chemist’s daisy from the point of view of homeopathy, examples of diseases when it can be used at home, and with what conditions it can be confused.


Seminar “The most common diseases in children and adults”


– The most common diseases in the practice of homeopathy in children and adults (tonsillitis, sinusitis, bronchitis)

– How do chronic diseases form from the point of view of homeopathy?

– Homeopathic treatment of these diseases in acute and chronic cases

– The drug from the first aid kit: hepar sulfur, mercurius soliubilis

We invite you to attend the seminar and get not only pleasure, but also true knowledge that can be used in practice.

Information on the subsequent seminars can be found on our website, you also can subscribe to our newsletter or fill out the application form for participation in the seminars.


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