Characteristics of Samuel Hahnemann as a reflection of his great discovery - Homeopathy

Zafeiriou MD

Patient feedback

Here you can find letters from our patients and take a look at the homeopathic healing process

Once again about small doses

The questions of the author are answered by E. BURLAKOVA, doctor of biological sciences, professor, laureate of the State Prize, deputy director of the Institute of Biochemical Physics. NM Emanuel RAS, head of the laboratory

Homeopath Day 2019

Homeopath Day 2019 at the Center for Classical Homeopathy was celebrated by holding an international seminar and publishing a new journal - the only homeopathic journal in Latvia

Scientific proof of existance of the law of similarity in homeopathy 

This work was awarded the first prize of the congress of the Siberian Homeopathic Association "Physician of the Year" in the nomination "The Science of Homeopathy" in 2016.

Centre of Classical Homeopathy

The centre of classical homeopathy is a medical organization, which includes both young and experienced doctors under the guidance of Tatyana Pokatova. Specialists of our center were educated at IACH in Greece (course of Prof. G. Vitulkas). The main goal of the center is the treatment of patients and education of all those interested in issues of homeopathy. Homeopathy is one of the leading methods of therapy all over the world. In classical homeopathy, founded by S. Hahnemann, treatment is not only in small doses, but also with an individually selected medication. Homeopathy gives excellent results in a variety of diseases. In Europe, there are many homeopathic schools, but in 2014 the European Homeopathic Committee approved the standardization of the process of teaching homeopathy. Now in our country there is an opportunity to obtain knowledge and a diploma in the field of homeopathy. Our center offers professional training of homeopathy for doctors, as well as a series of seminars for non-professionals.

Education for professionals

Education for professionals
Seminars, simposiums and other international events for professionals

Seminars for non professionals

Seminars for non professionals
Seminars for non-professionals
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