Homeopath Adu Buteng of Ghana received a prize for contribution to the development of West Africa

On March 9, 2017, the International Expert Committee of the West African Nobles Forum decided that on the 25th annual ceremony in Accra (this year it will be held on May 11) the award will be given a homeopathic doctor Adu Bouteng, EndPoint Homeopathic Clinic. This was reported by the Head of the Committee and the Foundation, Dr. Kofi Finn (Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin International University College). Dr. Adu Buteng made a huge contribution to the development of health and homeopathic care, not only in Ghana, but also in several regions of neighbouring African states. For 25 years, this is the first homeopathic doctor (before that, the award was given to bankers, preachers, the head of the Foundation for Breast Cancer in Women and representatives of other specialities).

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