Acute bilateral lower lobe pneumonia


The patient is 50 years old, is ill since two weeks. The disease started after having drunk an ice-cold drink in the hot weather. Cough and hoarseness developed the next day. She coughed frequently, with a slight discharge of purulent sputum, at the same time the general energy level of he patient was quite high. She continued to work, but in the end of the week felt tired and had a fever – 39o C. The next four days the fever persisted, then lowered a little until 38-38.5o C. It was hard for her to bear the fever since the weather was hot.

The fever persisted for two weeks, the state of the patient worsen. The main complaint was an incredible weakness. The patient could not make two steps without effort, accompanied by breathlessness and cough. The patient took homeopathy but there was no improvement, after remedy’s intake her condition improved, but then became as before.

This means that a wrongly chosen treatment do not give any progress. What one should do in this case?

First step is to review the case and to analyze the anamnesis in depth. Second step is to address a more experienced homeopathy physician. However, the above described situation requested the right remedy as soon as possible, since the weakness persisted, as well as fever.

The physician reviewed the case and collected more of patient’s complaints: an abnormal weakness; before to do something the patient concentrated for a long time just to get up and to cover a 10-steps distance to the kitchen or to the toilet. The cough appeared during the movement, causing incontinence of urine and even faeces. The cough was wet with a slight discharge of yellowish sputum. The cough was not painful, not very frequent. The patient felt sleepy. She slept in the same posture, reluctant to move, slept despite of a shallow breath, sidelong, on any side, arms positioned as she embraced herself, her chest was squeezed. She had a deep sleep.

A full absence of appetite, the patient did not eat for almost two weeks, just had a bit of bread if there was discomfort in the stomach. The mucous were wet, there was no thirst, but a great delight was delivered by a sour taste, a slice of lemon with sugar and hot tea. She was eager to apple juice, but could not drink it a lot, just some gulps.

He especially preferred hot drinks.

She imagined sometimes that she could have a slice of meat, but in reality she could eat just a little piece. Occasionally the patient wished badly for some food, but in fact could eat just a little. Her body was absolutely dry, hot, she did not want to cover her legs with a blanket. She wanted badly to bath in the sea. Her thoughts were active, she bothered about her work, about a long time spent being ill. At the same time she had a feeling that the recovery was not possible, she was desperate. Otherwise the mood was stable, the presence of the family improved her state of mind. In the morning the patient was awaken by the sweating of her face and neck, then face got cold from a slight wind caused by the draft.

A homeopathy physician must choose the most important information from the above mentioned, but how to do this? One may have an impression that the text is impersonal. That is why the physician must meet personally the patient and to see his or her emotions regarding each symptom. You should see what symptom is especially underlined by the patient. So how to choose a remedy?

A long-lasting disease, the patient is weakened, her body has “fallen down”, so one may think immediately about a remedy useful in terminal states (Stannum, Carbo Vegetabilis), but in fact the patient did not mention any key symptom of these remedies. Then we should see the pathology essence, its causes and what was special about the complaints. Weakness, difficulty to walk, a progressively developing pneumonia, thirst, intolerance of heat. The patient repeated for several times that it was hard to move, movements caused cough and decline of energy. Cough also caused incontinence of urine and faeces. She wished badly to drink hot water.

After having punctuated some symptoms, it became very simple and the choice of remedy was evident. Just some doses of the remedy – 3 times a day for 3 days – have completely restored the energy of the patient. As the patient noticed herself, already from the very first intake, after two hours (how quickly does the homeopathy work!) she felt a surge of energy, awakened by this sensation at 3 a.m., she sweated off in the morning and then the recovery was very quick. The weakness disappeared completely in a week, the appetite improved, she wanted to eat various foods, but she was disgusted by a sweet taste for two weeks.

This case proves that homeopathy treats perfectly also severe acute diseases quite quickly. This is the response to those sceptics who do not feel secure without antibiotics.

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