Case history – letter to the doctor

Doctor, hello!

Happy New Year!

And I come to you again with complaints.

Today I feel bad and my mother and daughter are ill.

I have a temperature of 39 C, which is very rare for me. Very painful bones, especially in the lumbar region. Strong shivering and I do not want to be touched in the lower part, but I want more tenderness with my head. From the very morning my head is aching intensly, the eyes ache and by the evening and the gums on the right side began to hurt. Such a state that I really want to sleep and do not want to get out of bed, stay and cuddle up under the blanket. I strongly desire to be wrapped up and to be cuddled up in a furball. Legs can not get warm, ice cold, although everything else is burning. Very painful and dry chapped lips.

Irritated. I still have a conflict with my husband, and we temporarily moved to my mother, been here for a week now. And in my head of course, too, I am restless, I still can not decide to take any action. With my mother, too, I can not stay long, she swears at us a lot and for good reasons. No appetite at all. And do not feel like drinking. Sometimes only hot tea with ginger, green tea. Sometimes cold water. It was nice on the street, even better than at home. I want fresh air. Sometimes I have cough attacks, very dry throat. In the morning, my throat scratched a little, but it does not hurt generally. And my nose isn’t runny.

Thanks, I.

P.S. I took on your recommendation … 200 once, today I feel much better. Thank you very much!

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