The composer M. Glinka was successfully treated with the help of homeopathy

Composer MI Glinka, like many of his contemporaries, did not take homeopathy seriously as a method of treatment. And even when the composer was seriously ill, and allopathic doctors could not treat the disease, Glinka did not believe in the success of homeopathic treatment. Although the advice to consult a doctor-homeopath Glinka was given by a priest, who Glinka asked for help. In fact, Glinka believed more in prayers and communion than in homeopathy, although, of course, we should not reject the healing power of faith, in some cases. The composer wrote later: “I took it for a mockery, how could I think that small grains containing atoms of substances could act after those masses of drugs that I drank.” Nevertheless, homeopathic “grains with atoms of matter” were effective, and the composer was surprised to realise that homeopathy could help him. This, by the way, is another refutation of the theory that the whole effect of homeopathic treatment is just self-hypnosis (the placebo effect). And the case with the great composer is far from the only one. After Glinka successfully got rid of a long and debilitating illness, he became an adherent of homeopathy and regularly turned to homeopaths.

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