Antidotes in homeopathy


Antidotes in homeopathy


Antidotes in homeopathy are not only substances but also prominent emotional and psychical influences. Homeopathic treatment does not bother the patient too much except some periods that require a little willpower.

When undergoing homeopathic treatment the patient should follow a few mandatory rules. It is required to exclude some substances that block the effect of homeopathic remedies, first of all – coffee.

Coffee is a plant that has a strong influence on humans. Anyone who is sensitive towards this drink is aware of its effects: insomnia, increased heart rate, anxiety or even all of those effects at once. Some may say that coffee does not influence them this way, but it is not exactly true, as coffee has a lot of other symptoms that are not so evident

So, you must exclude drinking coffe since coffee is the main antidote suppressing the effects of prescribed homeopathic remedy.

If a person has some health peculiarities, allergies, addictions, or his/her body responds dramatically to some food (for example, feeling sick after eating some rich or fried food), the treatment will not be effective unless a strict ban of every substance influencing the body negatively.

Some mothers want to see their children particularly healthy, but at the same time they refuse to hear that acute asthma will return if for instance a pet that causes allergy still lives at home. Patients with allergies must to their best to avoid all allergens during the treatment.

Thus, not only the effect of homeopathy is being antidoted, but also the immune system is under a constant stress and prostration.

So patients addicted to alcohol must prepare themselves for treatment and stop drinking alcohol for at least two months before treatment. It is out of the question to use alcohol during homeopathic treatment.

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