Dr. Dario Spinedi’s seminar on classical homeopathy has completed (St. Petersburg)


The title is taken from two performances, in which I managed to dive in between the lectures, late in the evening in a snow-covered and beautiful St. Petersburg! WE ALL ARE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE is a play “A month in the village” by Turgenev with Anna Kovalchuk in the leading role, about love and its unpredictability, how you can not love someone you do not love, and how a person retains its dignity to the last! And the performance MIXED FEELINGS with Mikhail Boyarsky and Larisa Luppian in the lead roles, you will not believe, was also about love and human relationships, but in the second half of human life!
From what we conclude that people always want to love and be happy, so study this great science sincerely – homeopathy, dear homeopaths, how to know how to truly love, and how to show skill in the profession, where everyone can become the creator of human happiness!

Homeopathy is a science for us and about us, for the sick and healthy, for those who suffer spiritually and physically, and do not listen to anyone who dares to stain the honour of homeopathy, just look at the origins of homeopathy and its essence, and see how genius Samuel Hahnemann is, how he managed to unravel the mystery of the essence of matter and how he taught us to apply matter of substance, turning it from quantity to quality!
Look at the origins of homeopathy and you’ll be surprised how much you already know, because next to you there were similar types of people that are described in the homeopathic portraits of the materia medica, and how likely they seem to suffer because their thinking is subject to personal painful ideas that are unacceptable to the environment, and you did not even suspect that this is a manifestation of the onset of the disease. It is impossible to be deceived by what you touch every day, or something painfully familiar from childhood: the behaviour and attitude of parents, your own pain due to misunderstanding of loved ones or suffering due to separation or loss of loved ones.


On February 4th, 2018 in the Russian city of St. Petersburg, the seminar on classical homeopathy was completed. It was held by doctor Dario Spinedi who gave his video lectures to Irina Kuzmina, the director of Moscow homeopathic clinic named after S. Hahnemann.
With great gratitude from the Center for Classical Homeopathy in Riga,
I personally address Irina Kuzmina and our colleagues Elena Sidorenko (Moscow) and Elena Kukis (Moscow) personally for such a wonderful opportunity to get important knowledge from Dario Spinedi and other additions from doctors who have already applied this experience.

Dr. Dario Spinedi is the director of the clinic of Santa Cruz in Lacarno, and is also the pupil of the famous homeopath Dr. Künzli, who passed on his experience and knowledge through Dario Spinedi to us, homeopaths, who continue to meticulously treat chronic patients, among whom we encounter very difficult and most severe cases. Homeopaths, do not be late to lose precious time, get true knowledge in the treatment of chronic diseases, supplement what you thought you already studied! The most important thing is hidden, both in humans and in matter! Do not forget that only the one who is going will master the way! Latent Psoriasis is still a very big mystery even for experienced Homeopaths! Good luck!

Homeopathy among the methods of treatment is still the most progressive method of therapy for all serious patients. The humanity, depth and effectiveness of this method of therapy, still impresses us, homeopaths with more than 20 years of experience.
And we still continue to learn from the most progressive homeopaths of 20th, 21st centuries, despite their business and demand.
  “And experience is the son of the difficult mistakes and
    genius of the enlightenment spirit …” words of Alexander Pushkin.

The tactics of treating latent Psoriasis so far in homeopathic schools in Europe have not been clear, and homeopaths encounter many difficulties arise with an understanding of the constitutional remedy,
so often we find confusion in terminology and understanding what the treated case means.
In the clinic of Santa Cruz (Lacarno, Switzerland), whose director is Dario Spinedi, has accumulated 40 years of experience working with severe patients, and every step in the appointment for each case is substantiated, with a deep analysis of pronounced and hidden symptoms.
In his lectures, the Greek physician Homoeopath Vangelis Zafiriu emphasizes,
that “all the most important is hidden”, and the analysis at the primary reception of Darijo Spinedi can be really considered a search for the most hidden and, at first glance, insignificant:
even a small rash in a certain place carries information about the patient’s constitution, and can be an important clue in choosing a homeopathic remedy.

In the treatment of complex patients, Dr. Dario Spinedi also uses the experience of the famous American homeopath James Taylor Kent, which again proves that the accumulated homeopathic experience is not only passed on, and is perceived by the next generation of physicians as a science, but is also supplemented by scientific discoveries in the treatment of severe chronic diseases by the subsequent generation homeopaths. This again proves that homeopathy is a science with immutable laws and therefore strengthens its position, and doctors homeopaths are inspired by the fact that there is more information about tactics and the ability to treat people who have been refused in the hospital.
Do you remember how Procurator asked Yeshua: “Do you really call everyone “good man?”

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