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Dr. Tatyana Pokatova


2018, November. Croup in a 10-month-old child

Parents were walking with the children along the ocean shore in Tenerife, and at night about 4:00 the younger boy developed croup, the child suddenly began to breathe with stridor. The boy’s mother was aware of several homeopathic preparations from our lectures, including about the properties of Aconitum 200, and she, at her own risk, gave a couple of peas to the baby once. The boy began to breathe normally after five minutes, it quickly helped the child, and his parents did not need to panic about the child choking and seeking emergency care for the child on an island in a foreign country. A father who did not really trust homeopathy came to the reception himself and spoke enthusiastically about what happened.

2017, January. Disturbance of the digestive system in a child

A 7-year-old boy could not eat normally, reduced weight and developmental lag (weight and height), since he was hampered by constant nausea. All examinations and consultations with eminent gastroenterologists did not resolve the question of diagnosis and did not help get rid of the constant nausea. The parents included in the diet: milk and all milk products, as well as products with gluten, which slightly improved the persistent fluid stools, but the child still experienced almost constant nausea during the last 5 years. In the words of the mother, for the first time, the child completely got rid of nausea and gained confidence while eating after Colchicum 200 once. For several months, there is no nausea and fear of eating. Child gained 2 kg per month. I continue to observe the case, the treatment will be continued, but homeopathy does something that a large dose of medicine cannot do.

2018, November. Acute pain in the abdomen of a 5-month-old child

In the words of mom, “Every day, it seems, my son is becoming more and more constrained and tense! Cries hysterically every time he wakes up! I hold him in my hands all the time, and on the second day even during the day he sleeps badly! When I cradle him in my arms, suddenly he starts crying hysterically, pulls his hands up, his head is thrown back and arches his back, stretches his legs into a string! It is very difficult to calm him down – I squat with him and get up, shake from side to side, sing, whisper, but he just cries! Sometimes he stops crying when I put my hand on his cheek and whisper in his ear. It is rarely possible to calm down by feeding. He became very, very tense, even lying down, palpating the stomach, it was quite tense. His stool is yellowish without any particular smell, there is gas.” Prescription: one dose of Dioscorea 200C-1x, saved the parents from sleepless nights, and the child from pain. Before the homeopathic treatment every evening and night was a real challenge for this young family.

2018. Stutter and repeated bronchitis

A girl of 4 years old, her mother brought with complaints of frequent colds, stuttering, fighting with an older brother, lying and slandering him. She is afraid of dogs, fear of fireworks, does not like to wash, especially doesn’t want to wash the head, fear of injections. Sweating neck and nape at night. Always removes blanket at night. Not shy among her own. Capricious. Objectively thin, mobile, does not answer questions. She eats badly. Drinks cold a lot. Sweets – 3 underlines. With a difficult choice between Stramonium, Silica, Tuberculin, Phosphorus, it was Tuberculin that solved all the problems associated with colds. But my mother came a few months later complaining of a severely increased stuttering, in the office the girl hid herself in a corner, and did not want to communicate at all, avoided eye contact. Mom also noted that night enuresis had begun. Recently, nose bled 2-3 times. Still afraid of loud sounds and thunderstorms. At night, she comes to her parents. A month ago, she fell down the stairs, but most importantly, parents loudly swear at the child. Outwardly, it seems that she is closed up, in fact, in her movements there is fear.

Prescription of Opium 200-1x helped the girl so quickly that her mother, who still doubted homeopathy, was also surprised. The girl didn’t just stop stuttering, but she also began to think logically, to distinguish colors that she didn’t perceive, stuttering had passed after 3 days. The teacher noted that the girl for the first time was able to tell a fairy tale herself, became less commanding towards other children in the kinder garden. On the first evening after the medicine, when she fell asleep, her legs and arms were twitching, she woke up and often went to urinate, a fever of 37.4 rose, her nose was bleeding 1 time. Appetite appeared the next day. A month later, at the reception she had already spoken boldly with me and did not hesitate to ask for candy.

2014. Fears, closeness, disturbance of digestive system with skin disturbances. Bitten and torn nails in the child

A large girl, 8 years old, with a beautiful cap of thick hair, increased weight, silent, obedient, insecure, sweating head, afraid of everything: children, animals, adults, protesting to wash her hair, biting her mother, rough with her parents. Complains of abdominal pain, bloating after garlic and other foods. She has a lot of rash on the skin in the folds, itching until bleeds at night (periodically). The nails were eaten up to holes, especially the big fingers of her hands. In early childhood she could scream for a long time if I hit, then suddenly faint. Mom is very strict. The girl is stubborn. She eats only selectively, a lot of sweet and flour, but at the same time he does not tolerate fish and egg yolk and milk. From vegetables eats only pickles. Sometimes complains of headaches. Greedy. Clever, well and quickly learns everything, best in class. It is difficult to part with dad in front of the school. Does not get acquainted with other children first. In society, hides behind her mother, shows that she will not do anything herself. Very closed and obedient, tolerates everything: if it is said that she has to wait until 15:00, and she would wait and not go to the toilet until that time. Very impressionable. If ill, then very impatient, will whimper even with slight inconvenience. Tendency to constipation.

Objectively large, white-skinned, silent, calm, she seems lazy. It is very difficult to tolerate heat for her.

The appointment of Antimonium crudum 200C – once, and after a month the girl became more active and open (according to father) and at the reception, her nails almost recovered, a couple of thumbs grooves remain, but it is clear that everything is healing. She began to eat vegetables and fresh cucumbers. The treatment of latent psora was continued, but the episode of this case history is instructive as a similar homeopathic medicine incredibly quickly had a positive effect on the entire body.

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