Homeopathic treatment of the neurofibrosarcoma of the right hip (2003) – Kuzmina MD

Kuzmina I.F.,

Ch. doctor of the Clinic of classical homeopathy.

Hahnemann, Moscow. 2003



Description of the case: a 37-year-old man, a doctor-surgeon has been sick since November 2003, when he felt a slight inhibition and dull pain in his right thigh. During the examination, a tumor of the right hip was detected in the oncology center – neurofibrosarcoma, size 16x10x8 cm, second-degree evil-quality. In February 2004, the patient underwent a total resection of the tumor and conducted three courses of chemotherapy. The patient’s well-being lasted until September 2004, and again there was discomfort in the leg, and a tumor recurrence of 10×8 cm was detected in the patient center. A second operation and a combined course of chemotherapy were performed, but two months after the operation, the pain in the leg increased again. In early December 2004, a third operation was performed with partial resection of the sciatic nerve and part of the tumor, since the process affected extensively surrounding tissues. The last relapse occurred after a shorter period of time, and this suggests that the tumor is resistant to chemotherapy, and also has a very rapid and aggressive growth, moreover, it was no longer operable.

In this state, the patient came to the reception to the homeopath on December 6, 2004. He moved with great difficulty on crutches due to severe pain. From the anamnesis, it became clear that over the past 5 years, the patient has undergone several vaccinations against hepatitis B, as he worked as a surgeon; also vaccinated against flu every year, made a vaccine against diphtheria. The patient’s health level was rated high. From the 4th grade of the school went to the army and was constantly involved in sports: sambo, karate, boxing. He was a very energetic, physically strong man. From puberty had a sexual interest, the first sexual experience occurred when he was 20 years old. From 25-30 the patient was working actively. Had a lot of partisans, took a lot of alcohol. Rarely was sick with respiratory diseases. He suffered gastritis, peptic ulcer 12 p.k. The patient’s father served in Vietnam and suffered a large dose of radiation, but he is still alive.

Complaints at the reception: severe pain in the thigh of the right leg, and worse lying on the painful side, the pain is tormenting all day, but improves from the heat, improves from movement. Sometimes the pains become shooting from the hip to the shin down, which he associates with postoperative neuritis. There is numbness on the back of the thigh, intermittent cramps in the calf muscles. The patient has high sexual desire, chemotherapy did not affect this. Also, the patient noted that his hair very quickly grows back after chemotherapy, unlike others. The wound heals after surgery very quickly and nails grow very quickly. He is chilly, sleeping on his stomach. In the morning it is difficult to get up, not rested. Of desires in food – meat and salted fish. At the reception, restrained, not sociable. In the last three months, herpes appeared 4 times over the upper lip.

Reasoning: the body’s ability to heal all, quick and rapid growth of hair, nails and tumors (pay attention)! And this property of the organism has not changed after chemo-therapy. And also, pay attention to the paradoxical pains, which, according to the laws of physiology, should have worsened at night, during the kingdom of the vagus, and it completely disappears at night, and worsens during the day. And also, relief of pain in movement.



General-cancerous affection-sarcoma

Extremities –cancer-bones-osteosarcoma


General-wounds-heal; tendency to-quickly

Head-hair –growing – fast

Extremities –nails; complaints of-grows of nails-rapid

Extremities –pain – motion-amel(causation)

General-night-amel (causation)

Extremities –pain-warm application- amel

Extremities –pain-weather –change of

Extremities –pain-shooting-lower limb- extending to-downward


Male genit.-sex-sex desire- increased(causation)

General -evening –amel-

Sleep – unrefreshing

Sleep-position-abdomen, on

General-food and drinks-meat-des.

General-food and drinks-fish-desire –salty

General –history; personal-vaccination or repeated vaccination; of



The patient was prescribed Medorinum 1M, which he took in the morning, 7 days. After that, a break was taken.

02.02.05 after 2 months:

There is almost no pain in the leg, occasionally there are shooting from top to bottom from the bottom to the heel. Notes some numbness in the heel and fifth toe. He dropped his crutches two weeks later from the start of treatment, began to walk, leaning on a cane, which he also refused a week ago. Thus, he came to the reception himself. He also noted that his sexual desire decreased, his nails grew slower. Hair grow as fast, in the evening the state of health is better. The patient was assigned again Medorinum 1M, three days in solution. The rest of the time, he took a placebo every day in the morning.

On March 10, 2005, he didn’t complain about re-examination of pain in his leg, didn’t do x-ray tumor control. Presents the following complaints: dryness of the lips, increased, a small, frequent, dry cough appeared during the daytime, no cough at night. Changed posture while sleeping – now on the left side. He has much less energy, runs out at 21 in the evening. Slight leg discomfort in dry, cold weather. Notes again increased sexual desire, and also lost the sense of taste for food and a decrease in smell. Decreased muscle strength. He became more likely to meet with friends and go to the company. He loves warm and clear weather, cold and wet cold and cold tolerates poorly, because of dull pains in the leg. Last time noted aversion to onions. A new prescription was made.




General-food and drinks-onions aver

Sleep-position-side; on-left side; on

Male genitalia/ sex-sex desire-increased

General-flabby feeling

General-vaccination; ailments after

General –weather-cold weather-wet-agg

General-weather-cold weather-dry-agg


As a result, Tuya 12C was prescribed three times a day for 2 months.

May 17, 2005, the patient has no complaints, the general condition is good. It was examined by oncologists, they came to the conclusion that there was no recurrence of the former tumor, and that it was possible to reconstruct the sciatic nerve after its partial resection.

On June 20, 2005, the patient again turned for help, after the postponed reconstruction of the sciatic non-ditch, he was tormented by severe pains in his leg – burning and shooting character, he could not sit in bed for a night’s sleep, he was spinning. The pains were exacerbated by urination and walking. The patient noted a decrease in sensitivity in the operated leg, a feeling of numbness in the thigh and soreness. He very much guarded his sick leg, he was afraid that others might injure him by hitting his leg.

Prescription: Arnica 12 C 2 times a day until the condition improves. He took Arnica for 2 weeks. After which the pain stopped

Headings for repertorization.

The patient no longer appealed for help. He is systematically observed in the oncology center, there was no tumor recurrence. The patient felt well, fully functional, defended his thesis and was happy. Catamnesis 13 years.

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