A case of cure for Tourette syndrome in a 14-year-old girl with classical homeopathy – Svirina MD

Zhanna Svirina, Candidate of Medical Sciences,

Homeopath doctor Ryazan homeopathic center “Similia”

In 2010 she graduated from the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy.

Assistant of the Department of Pathophysiology Ryazan State Medical University. Acad. I. P. Pavlova


Tourette syndrome is a genetically determined disorder of the central nervous system, which manifests itself in childhood and is characterized by multiple motor tics and at least one vocal or mechanical tick.

The aetiology is unknown, but a link has been established with genetic and environmental factors. Genetic studies have shown that the vast majority of cases of Tourette syndrome are inherited, although the exact mechanism of inheritance has not yet been determined and a specific gene has not been identified.

The prevalence among the population is 3-5 cases per 10,000 people, dominated by males (3: 1) The name of the syndrome was proposed by Jean-Martin Charcot in honour of his pupil, Gilles de la Tourette, a French doctor and neurologist, who published a report on 9 patients with Tourette syndrome in 1885.

In order to make a diagnosis of Tourette syndrome according to ICD-10, the condition must meet the following criteria.

  1. A) multiple motor tics and one or more voice ticks presented some time ago are not necessarily continuous;
  2. B) tics should be observed many times during the day, almost every day, the disorder lasts longer than 1 year, the duration of remission does not reach 2 months;
  3. C) onset at the age of 18


Treatment of Tourette syndrome: antipsychotics such as haloperidol, pimozide, risperidol, antihypertensive drugs – clonidine and guanfacine, tricyclic antidepressants – fluoxitin and lithium preparations are recommended.


A girl of 14 years, diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome, vegetative dysfunction syndrome with cephalgia, chronic pyelonephritis in the stage of incomplete remission, subacute eczema.

The primary reception in the homeopathic centre was on October 3rd, 2012 with complaints of obsessive movements in the form of throwing back the head, twitching with shoulders, arm, blinking, vocalisms, and headaches in the frontotemporal region several times a week, sometimes with nausea and vomiting. She was treated in the hospital by a neurologist with the help of haloperidol medication, teraligene without improvement. From the anamnesis: obsessive movements in the form of blinking from the age of 9, but tics appeared only in the evening, at school she could restrain them. A few years later, on the background of stress – quarrels with mom, twitching shoulders, head, tilting heads back, involuntary shouts, appeared, disturbed the symptoms in the morning after waking up and before sleep. On examination, violations were revealed – hatred of her mother and the desire to kill her with a knife – obsessive desire, the girl came to the reception with a knife in her purse, she felt fear of violence, darkness, dogs and because of quarrels with her mother she began to hate her , her condition with tics deteriorated sharply, for the first time in her life an involuntary shouting and an involuntary dropping back of her head appeared. From the diseases that she suffered we managed to find out that in early childhood there was eczema on the legs, which dermatologists treated her with hormonal ointments, several times suffered from pyelonephritis with high fever and with the use of antibiotics in the hospital, had varicella without complications, acute conditions appeared one or two times per year and always with a temperature of 39, there were attempts to treat it without antibiotics. Heredity is not burdened, the family has no cancer, tuberculosis, chronic diseases, and all relatives died at old age. Vaccinations were done according to age, but there were delays due to eczema. Due to Tourette’s syndrome, she could not attend school. According to her parents, neurologists stated that this is a severe, incurable form of Tourette’s syndrome with a poor prognosis, as she did not have any improvements from drug therapy. Due to the ineffectiveness of the therapy, treatment with a homeopath was recommended, and all medical preparations were cancelled. At the first reception was prescribed the Stramonium C200 – 3 grains once.


From this remedy, the symptoms of dropping back of the head completely disappeared, there was a decrease in tics, an improvement in mood appeared, the desire to carry a knife in the bag was gone and an obsessive desire passed – to kill the mother with a knife, fears of darkness, dogs and violence disappeared, a month later the drug was repeated in the same dose. Since after taking the homeopathic exacerbation first began and then there was improvement, but by the end of the month, after improvement, some of the symptoms began to return, which was the reason for the repetition from 200. 3 months after taking the medicine, a new symptom appeared – ridiculous laughter, the desire to swear and utter obscene words, father noted her shamelessness – the girl could undress in the presence of her parents and walk naked, not embarrassed by fathers presence, tics remained in the form of twitching of hands and shoulders, less often than before vocalisms in the evening, terrible dreams appeared – she saw a black witch.

Hyoscyamus 10M was prescribed – one dose. A month later – there was a complete disappearance of all symptoms of the disease, the child began to attend school. After three months the state worsened, during the examination symptoms appeared – the ones she had at the beginning of her illness at 9 years old, and the worsening of ticks was strictly in the evening after school, during classes at school she could restrain and control tics, according to her mother, she developed symptoms of sensitivity, closeness, but while the constant desire for her teachers and parents to praise her, this made her feel better, the tics were localized in the fingers and more often in the index finger, new symptoms appeared, they are connected with menstruations, this is pain in the right ovary.


The previous symptoms did not return and upon examination a picture of the new Palladium remedy was created with 200-3 grains once, after taking this medication all the signs of Tourette’s syndrome completely disappeared, in the process of curing the disease, after taking Palladium the girl developed rashes on the legs, according to mom’s words she had these rashes when she was a child and they were treated with hormonal ointments, now these rashes were completely gone without treatment. The girl successfully finished high school and entered a medical school. Anamnesis – 5 years.




– with the help of classical homeopathy, a 14-year-old girl was cured the severe form of Tourette syndrome

-classical homeopathy has the right to exist as a method of alternative medicine, because curing such a difficult case and returning the child to society is a direct proof of the effectiveness of homeopathy in the treatment of severe pathology.

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