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Dr. Vangelis Zafiriou

Aurum iodatum case of Paranoid Disorder with angina pectoris


As far as I know the personality disorders of this remedy have not been mentioned elsewhere.


A 57-year-old retired detective and boxer visited us in July 1992 complaining of constrictive heart pains and difficulty in respiration. He’s had these symptoms since 1987 as well as occasional painful enlarged lymph nodes on the sides of his neck. But the heart pains are what’s troubling him since he feels threatened by them. He feels weak quite often and has cramps in his lower extremities. When he “withholds” his anger, he wakes up around 4:30 – 5:30 A.M. from heart pain, palpitations and a suffocative feeling asking for help and feeling “paralyzed.” Heat/warmth brings on difficulty in respiration. He has been quite religious all his life. He had a bout of gonorrhea at the age of twenty. When he goes to bed at night “all problems come into my mind and it takes me one to two hours to fall asleep.” At this point in the interview, he mentions that in 1987″ Devils came to attack me, but they did not succeed and later on they called their leader for help. When he came I felt icy cold.” He says that the devils keep bothering him until now, appearing to him and to his relatives as dogs, monkeys or even flying

horses. Several times he tried to exercise the Devils and also asked for help from the bishop. Since 1987 he rarely goes out of the house alone. Describing himself, he says that even from his childhood he always wanted to help and save others. “If I see a building falling down, I would like to be able to go under and support it. I never want to do harm to anybody but if someone hit me, I will hit back although I will not kill him. I apologize for any mistakes but I also expect others to apologize when wrong and I feel very upset if they don’t. I used to be very social before my heart problems and usually became the center of attention in company. Now I avoid company and am very easily offended and have difficulty sleeping afterwards.” He is sympathetic to children, old people and animals. Is warm blooded. Sexual desire used to be very strong until six years ago. Normal appetite, thirst for small quantities and often Desires salt, fish His wife says about his character: “He worries about everything, if a glass breaks, he will be thinking of it for weeks. He used to be very active and busy until his illness started. Impatient and irritable. If anything, unpleasant happens he feels it is a catastrophe.” We give him a dose of Aurum iodatum 200CH. Forty days after the administration of the remedy, most of his symptoms: heart pain, sleeplessness, restless sleep, irritability is 60-70% better, and he feels “much better” psychologically, although his delusions about devils did not seem to improve. Seven months after the remedy, and on his third visit, he mentions a 90% improvement in his delusions as well. Difficulty of respiration and sociability are much better also. No enlargement of lymph nodes. No fear in leaving the house alone. No sleeplessness. He worries less about trifles. Twelve months after the remedy:

He had a partial relapse after his son’s car accident. Aurum iodatum 200C1-1 was repeated with very satisfactory results. the patient continues to do well to this very day. CASE ANALYSIS: Aurum iodatum as well as Aurum and lodum are not included in any of the subrubrics of Delusions – Devil in the Synthesis Repertory, nor in the subrubric of Delusions – evil. But in Kent’s “Materia Medica of New Remedies,” ” insanity with enlarged heart” is mentioned as one of the characteristics of Aurum iodatum. The remedy is not found under the rubric: “fear of being taken by the devil,” but it is found among the many remedies of the rubric fear evil, together with Aurum metallicum and lodum. According to Kent Aurum iodatum “is one of our great heart remedies.” Most of our patient’s symptoms as well as his total picture fit very well Kent’s description of the remedy: insanity with enlarged heart,’ one of our great heart remedies,” induration especially in glands, “warmth in general aggravates,” “over-conscientious about small matters, sexual desire increased,” constriction of chest, of heart,” palpitation of heart, at night,” anxious “respiration difficult at night with cardiac affections,” “restless sleep” and “aversion to company.” The patients’ industriousness and religiosity belong to Durum’s key notes while warmth and palpitations to lodum’s. Other remedies one may think of, in this case, are Mancinella, Hyoscyamus and Platina – because of the delusions of the devil and the hypersexuality but these remedies are not confirmed by any other symptom. “Delusion of devils” in this case was simply translated to “Insanity” which coupled with the heart problem, the palpitations, the religiosity, the industriousness and the rest of the symptoms led us to Aurum iodatum.


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