Homeopathic treatment of Tourettes syndrome – Pokatova MD


Doctor T. Pokatova,

homeopath, neurologist,

head of the Center for Classical Homeopathy in Riga.


Patient D. D. male, 10 years old,

The diagnosis of Tourette syndrome

The first consultation took place in April 2015, 4 months after diagnosis.


Case History: After the New Year 2015, suddenly, while sitting at the TV, the boy began to blink at his eyes without stoping, pull his hand and foot, and make an unexpected involuntary sound – “woof-woof” during conversations began to stick his tongue out.


Anamnesis: in December 2014, he was sick with sinusitis, had a headache, intensive therapy was carried out – washing the nose and two courses of antibiotics in a row.


Anamnesis of life: he was born in a caesarean section, he was entwined with an umbilical cord 2x, he had a full vaccination schedule, often had colds, a cardinal cryotherapy, tonsillitis, removal of adenoids. With colds, there was fever 39C, body twitching was observed, shivering and nausea at high body temperatures. He got sick from drinking cold liquids, if overheated – he sweated.

At the time of treatment (four months after the onset of the underlying disease), he underwent a course of therapy with a neurologist using Cyclodol, Haloperidol, Noofen, Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium + B6, Novopassit, and as a mother notes, all rough tics passed.

Assigned home schooling for six months.



Sucks clothes like a pacifier, and all the sweaters are damaged around the collar.

The character is calm, more soft

From family life: dad died in 2014 (a few months ago) from alcoholism, when his father was alive, he shouted a lot at the child, and could give a hit on the head if the son just did not finish eating. For a small offense he could hit his son in the stomach. From early childhood, D. was afraid of his father. (!)

In early childhood, before Tourette’s developed there were fears:

sleeping alone, fear of being alone in a large room, hiding under a blanket with his head while sleeping, fear of sticking his fingers out from under the blanket. I used to sleep with the light, now sleeps with his mother.

“I slept with the light, it seemed as if the person was standing”; “In the village wept, it seemed that there was someone on the ceiling” “a terrible monster” “devil’s dream”

Afraid to fall asleep in the dark alone (3)

He speaks a lot, asks questions, does not wait for the answer (according to mom)

At night, wakes up and asks if there is anyone nearby in the room.

Weeping for any reason, even if someone raises his voice a little

A lot of friends, peers.

Mom said that he hit a man who did not let him through the doorway (can he stand up for himself !?)

Not in contact with adults

Fear of being hurt, watchful

He did not want to look at anyone, he avoided strangers.

He goes to his extracurricular activities himself.

Fear when someone going behind him.

Family history: mom is healthy (?), Acne is visible on the face. Dad was an alcoholic, the elder brother of his father has chorea. No other data. Grandfather had a stroke.


black pepper desire 3;

sweet 3; cold milk 3; cold water 3;

soup and tomatoes – disgust; buckwheat 2; salt 2;

sweats 3, from a small load, head, hands, legs. Sweaty feet with an unpleasant odor. The back is sweating. Tolerates the sun well.

When mom got sick, he was worried, asking “Are you okay?”;

When grandfather fell ill, D. cried.

Worried when he offends someone, trying to apologize.

Head often in the clouds, “concentration is bad” since childhood; very attached to people, and upset if a friend makes friends with someone else. If there is a dispute, it proves his rightness, interrupts, although is poorly versed in the issue. Does not like when mom talks about him.

Before falling asleep, his muscles twitch, even head twitching.

If you hurt him emotionally. He is offended, begins to groan, sigh, says nothing, slam the door and go, becomes covered with red spots.

At trainings there is a difficult situation: the children fought, the coach punished by hitting him: he took his leg and beat it against the wall, D. was very upset, still has a deep resentment towards the coach.

Stumbles, there is no coordination, of those children about whom they say “clumsy”

When writing, he writes letters in the opposite order.

He perceives everything deeply, fever rises if he is punished and his phone with games is taken away.

In the office, there are positive feelings from this child, a child with excess weight, answers questions sluggishly, ticks are not visible, face skin is shiny, with rare pustular rash, calm, shy, silent, modest, responds calmly. Answering, twisting hands.

Remedy: Phosphorus 200.

D/D Phosphorus, Stramonium, Thuja, Tuberculinum, Opium, Natrium muriaticum,


Reasonings: at the moment Tourette’s symptoms are mild, suppressed. The boy’s fears and anxiety draw more attention, the child is frightened, wants protection and attention, scary to be alone, many Phosphorus keys, no confirmation for Stramonium, no Opium keys, although the case can be considered just for a reason.


May 2015 (one month after Phosphorus 200C)

After Phosphorus 200C, mother notes that he began to quietly fall asleep alone, the fear of insecurity has passed, but he is closed.

At the moment, the acute manifestation of Tourette is still not observed. The whole problem is focused on emotions, the child is closed, depressed, touchy, sensitive, suffered a lot of grief (rudeness and death of the father). Mom did not mention that she has a new relationship, she always leaves the child, arranges her life, he has a sense of abandonment and lack of motivation to study, therefore she often wants to retire at home and does not participate in domestic work. Cries often alone. A strange desire in a child – black pepper adds everywhere, which is an additional confirmation of Natrium muriaticum.

Purpose: Natrium muriaticum 1000-1x


Next visit in 3 months: August 2015

By mother’s definition became whinier (hysterically), irritated, called him “hedgehog”

All the time he is tense at home, trying to run away from home from work and responsibilities to friends, trying to please friends.

Recently, mother began to notice physical manifestation:

when talking, he began to put out his tongue again, grimaces were often visible on his face, the muscles of the neck and face were tense, he did not control it.

At the reception their indifference in the face.

Past anxiety and restraint not present.

Hands are more restless.

When falling asleep, the body is intensely twitching. He turns before falling asleep.

Sweaty forehead, but not the body (while sleeping).

He began to grit his teeth in his sleep.

A brighter anger appeared – hits the wall, slams the door,

Began to say harsh words

From anger his face becomes covered with red spots.

Mom said that he was afraid of dogs, but earlier she denied it.

He likes to be the center of attention. Started to disobey his mother.

Does not eat tomatoes. Still puts a lot of pepper.



Mother again did not indicate that she was arranging her life, she was going to transport her son to another country, to leaving him without friends – she’s leaving to be with another man. The boy is in a difficult and weak-willed situation, he is already 11 years old, he understands a lot. The main features of Tourette began to appear, the return of the state, in addition, the psychological picture changed, jealousy of mother’s new relationships and the rejection of change.

Appointment: Hyosciamus 200C -1x


Three months later: November 2015 after Hyosciamus 200C

Sleeps calmly, not spinning. Falls asleep more easily.

Restless fingers (1). I noticed that he was worried about nasal congestion (1), often picked his nose. (there used to be a lot of purulent nasal discharge)

Headaches sometimes appear in the forehead (return of sinusitis?).

Sweats less, the smell of sweat was gone, appetite became less, lost weight,


“Something else is happening to the head, as if by force I want to turn my head”

There are tics, involuntary movements of the eyes.

If something needs to be done at home, then grimaces, mimicry grimaces.

Mom complains that he continues to argue, does not listen, is annoyed, throws everything, attacks Mom verbally and says “you shout at me”

He began to drink less milk, eat more cottage cheese, became more independent, by himself went to a class for children to study as a TV presenter. Reacts sharply to public opinion, it is important to the opinion of others.

Remedy: Hyosciamus 1000C-1x, since the symptoms of the main disease that has affected the deep nervous system are still present.



January 2016-2.5 months after Hyosciamus 1000C


Mom called a week after taking the Hyosciamus 1000C because she was scared that Tourette’s is coming back in full.

“At first he was more excitable, he began to fall asleep more slowly, jerking, jerking with his legs, twitching his shoulders more, he was annoyed, he wanted to cry at once to any comment.”

He has a disgusting writing, although he tries very hard. Constantly twisting his hands, twists his legs while sitting, and began to be rude (teenager), he does not use obscenities,

Mom notes that several days he was nauseous and suddenly vomiting (apparently due to this symptom, cyclodol was prescribed by a neurologist), was pale. His swimming coach usually praised him, and here even during the swimming lessons he was sluggish, stopped on the track, and this state lasted 5 days after the last dose of the drug. He began to cough, to his mother it reminded her of a former bronchitis.

His appetite is good, but still doesn’t eat tomatoes. Now he drinks milk.

All children in school are sick, but he does not get sick. There is a slight redness of the throat.

Began to sleep normally, getting enough sleep, there is a regime.


Mom’s remark: He always wants to lean on his grandmother, on the steps in the church. He is being attached to the church mom and grandmother.

Sometimes he makes involuntary sounds when watching the TV. Monotone.

It happens sometimes grimaces

Still grits his teeth, but less

There is a “finger” in the nose. (Picks his nose)

Desire to argue, shouts over. Became nervous, reddened when his mom asked to memorize a great poem.

If you ban the computer, then he will knock the door, anger.

Shy about girls, does not speak

About fears mom no longer mentions


Purpose: Hyosciamus 10M-1x, as there are still symptoms of Tourette and Hyosciamus Clinic.


Next visit in May 2016, five months after Hyosciamus 10M


Came because of an acute state, mother scared because the is headache in the forehead, root of the nose, more to the right, and congestion of the right half of the nose. The boy clearly showed and described severe pain at the point of the inner side of his right eyebrow. Blowing his nose with difficulty, viscous sputum.

Fear of returning past sinusitis. Against the background of Turett’s retreating, symptoms of an acute illness began to appear, but without high fever.

Decided to prescribe in the likeness of local symptoms

Kalium bichromicum 200C-1x.


Next visit is October 2016, in five months.

About the action of Kali Bichromicum – nothing was noticed, but in September a high fever of 38.5 appeared, he was shivering and experienced heatwaves, he could easily blow his nose, there was no nasal congestion and pain in the head. He became more shy, flexible, began to study intensively.

Prescription: placebo.


Next visit in December 2017, they moved to another country.

In the spring of 2017, the boy fell ill with a high temperature of 40C, there was vomiting and weakness, the child was prescribed a course of antibiotics.

In the summer, twitching of the head, hands began again, became more agitated, suspicious, did not hear what he was told, and the tearfulness increased. Tossing and turning before falling asleep. All these symptoms are minor.

The school has become hyper-responsible. He wanted to learn, he was interested in everything, he did not spend more time on unnecessary games and meetings. He wants to achieve something, to become the best.

Does not tolerate lies, very active intestines, after eating often there is a chair right away.

He began to worry that something could happen.

There were pains in the stomach after eating or if he did not eat for several hours.

At the moment of pain, he would sit down and then the pain would move to the back.

Cannot eat anything fried and heavy because of pain in the stomach.

Belching after eating, after that it is easier, otherwise there is nausea.

Abdominal pains are improved from a hot shower

After eating, there is the urge to use the toilet, but there is often no stool, sweat and shivering occur.

Mom noticed that there is hay fever, eyes are inflamed, which she has never mentioned before.

This year he suddenly realized that it is very important to study. He does not want to communicate with peers, likes to be with his family.

The main desire is to make his soul calmer.

Noted chilliness (3)

He began to eat vegetables, cucumbers and tomatoes, indifferent to sweets. Eats a normal lunch.

Remedy: Arsenicum album 1000-1x.


Cannot eat anything fried and complex because of pain in the stomach.

Belching after eating, after it is easier, otherwise there will be nausea.

Abdominal pains are improved in a hot shower

After eating, there is the urge to use the toilet, but there is often no stool, and sweat and shivering occur.

Mom noticed that there is hay fever, eyes are inflamed, which I have never mentioned before.

This year I suddenly realized that it is very important to study. He does not want to communicate with peers, like to be with his family.

The main desire is to make his soul calmer.

Noted my chilliness3

He began to eat vegetables, cucumbers and tomatoes, indifferent to sweets. Eats a normal lunch.

Purpose: Arsenicum album 1000-1x.


Conclusion: the treatment of the child will continue, since psora is still active in his body. And while there is no information about his condition after Arsenicum Album, but the mother has not applied for such a long time, this means that the condition of the child did not require consultation.

In this case, you can see how the state of a person changes, and accordingly, how the picture of the remedy changes. You can find fault with the fact that the drug is not accurate, since there is no effect from one remedy in everything, but in this case, after prescribing a homeopathic medicine, the progress of the patient’s state and obvious changes in the person are seen. Positive progress from more important to less important, from obvious to hidden.

Also, the conclusion of the mother, who was very worried from the beginning, that the child had become much better in everything.

We also see that antibacterial therapy causes suppression and transforms the pathology to a deeper level, rather than curing it.

Homeopathy shows what else is hidden in the boy’s body.


So: with homeopathy we can restore the nervous system from a condition that is considered unmanageable in medicine, restore emotions and peace in the soul of a child, return the child’s consciousness to balance, confidence and love, rid of jealousy and grief, senseless obligingness for friends.

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