Homeopathic treatment of bouts of cardiac arrythmia – Pokatova MD


Doctor T. Pokatova,

homeopath, neurologist,

head of the Center for Classical Homeopathy in Riga.


 In October 2017, a 34-year-old woman came to the reception. She looked fragile, calm, did not show unnecessary emotions, seriously tuned, the skin is greyish-blue colour.


Medical history of the disease:

Her main diagnosis was made at the birth of Tetrad Fallot (then she fainted, hands and lips turned blue, skin turned pale). Successfully operated in childhood. After surgery, she regularly takes medication. Mother during pregnancy suffered from fever of unknown origin from 1-4 months of pregnancy. Born from the 4th pregnancy. In childhood, almost did not have colds. Brothers and sisters are healthy. Despite regular conservative therapy to improve cardiac activity, at age 16, attacks of arrhythmia began, which were treated with ablation. In 2017, in January and February, electroshock therapy was used. Doctors did not find any additional pathology, but arrhythmias did not stop and became harder.


Description of the attack:

An attack starts suddenly, even when resting, it can happen, in the cold it is always worse (3), a strong heartbeat, she becomes hot, there is not enough oxygen, an urgent need to open a window, a sudden severe weakness, it is necessary to sit down, an internal tremor when this prolonged arrhythmia; then anxiety begins, if the attack of arrhythmia does not stop. Then he tries to do breathing exercises, sometimes it helps if she switches her thoughts to something else. Usually easily rises to 3-4 floors.

Concomitant diseases: medical cirrhosis of the liver. Insufficient ventilation of the lungs. Weight 49 kg. AD100 / 53

Appetite is normal, does not like milk. Eats all foods in small quantities. Sweet intake is minimal.



She describes herself as patient, calm, does not like quarrels, if there is a dispute, then she decides calmly. Does everything with thought. Music improves the condition. Fear: exams (1); fear of snakes (2). Period painful on the first day. Has a friend. According to the patient, there is still a “hole” pathology in the heart, it was not immediately possible to clarify this, since there was no discharge from the hospital. After the operation in childhood, there was fluid in the lungs for a long time.



During the conversation, the patient involuntarily puts his hand to his chest several times (the sternum zone), which gave me the feeling that something was bothering her there. (turned out to be a key symptom of the remedy)



M-quarreling aver to \ M-sighing \ Chest –palpitation of heart-suddenly

\ Chest-palpitation of heart –tumultuous, violent \ General-light-amel-sunlight \

Weakness – heat flushes of heat, from \ Weakness- palpitation of heart, from



I had a little data, the characteristics of the case, in addition, such cases are not often in the practice of a homeopath. I listened attentively and watched the patient, and caught myself thinking that none of the well-known polychrests was associated with the patient’s complaints.

The repretorium did not really help me, and then I began to look for confirmation of my thoughts in MM. Guenrsy describes one of the leading symptoms of the drug: “The patient suffocates and puts his hand on his chest, as if something is interfering with him.” This symptom may appear after jogging, climbing stairs, just when walking.” Clark writes “there is internal chilliness with an external sensation of body heat”

Prescription: Laurocerasus 12C-13C-14C-15C … potency changes every 20 days, take 1 time per day, 3 peas on an empty stomach.


After 30 days:

Attacks of arrhythmias are much less common, mood improved, cheerfulness appeared.

After 70 days:

Taking Laurocerasus 15C, there was a slight nausea, which is a trial symptom, and symptom that the patient did not complain about. This could be a signal to change the remedy, but at the same time the attacks of arrhythmia are even better, they pass quickly and are not at all severe in intensity. Began to desire more salty food. The patient explains to me that the medicine is good, and wants to continue taking it. Nausea is insignificant and not permanent. There are no symptoms to change the drug, so it was decided to continue Laurocerasus 16C-17C, etc. but taken less often every three days. And if the improvement continues, then continue to increase the dilution. Every 20 days.


After 8 months:

Very good health, arrhythmias disappeared “I am much more energetic, pain during menstruation is gone, there are days when I forget to take the medicine and the arrhythmia does not return. Good sleep. Improved liver function tests. No more desire for salt. Now in the summer heat feels good. There is a desire to move a lot, which she does and does not get tired.

The patient lives far away from Riga, so the therapy is prescribed for a longer time, I prescribe further to take the medicine, to increase the potency, but the reception is much less often, only once a week or once in two weeks because of the state of health.

Currently, the patient feels well, there are no attacks, and did not take the medicine for last 6 months. Achieved a long remission. I continue to observe.

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