Regional public organization “St. Petersburg Homeopathic Society”

St. Petersburg (Leningrad) public organization “Homeopathic Association” was established in 1990. The purpose of the creation and activities of the Homeopathic Association was to promote the development of a homeopathic treatment method and to unite doctors using the method of homeopathy. The permanent president of the St. Petersburg Homeopathic Association from the moment of its establishment until October 2018 was Svetlana Petrovna Pesonina, MD.

In 2018, the Homeopathic Association was renamed the Regional Public Organization “St. Petersburg Homeopathic Society”. Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Lyubov Yurievna Dolinina was elected President.

The tasks of the St. Petersburg Homeopathic Society include:

1) assistance in conducting scientific research in the field of homeopathy and in introducing the results of scientific research into practical medicine;

2) assistance in the preparation and improvement of specialists in the field of homeopathy (doctors and pharmacists);

3) promoting the development of professionalism, ethical and deontological traditions of the domestic school of homeopathy;

4) promoting the popularization and integration of the method of homeopathy among doctors and a wide range of people.

Within the framework of the work of the St. Petersburg Homeopathic Association, and later the St. Petersburg Homeopathic Society, a scientific-practical conference with international participation “Actual Issues of Homeopathy” is held annually for 30 years, and a scientific-practical journal “Homeopathy and Phytotherapy” is published twice a year. “, Organized international seminars in the field of homeopathy, regularly holds meetings of the homeopathic section of the St. Petersburg Society of Therapists named after S.P. Botkin and medical analysis of complex clinical cases.

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