Opportunities of homeopathy


It happened to me to become a witness of various therapeutic and surgical processes. When you do not know anything, you try to see and understand it all, to remember everything. The memory stores unusual disease cases, unusual therapeutic methods, unusual words said by physicians or nurses. One always reconsiders everything he or she was amazed by, asks himself/herself why something happened in one way and not another.

When I was 17, I saw for the first time in my life a cancer patient. It happened at hospital’s elevator. The woman was severely ill. Previously I had only heard that the cancer was a terrible disease, it was used at that time to hide the diagnosis from the others: physicians did not reveal it to patients; patients did not say anything to the family. The woman was on a stretcher, realizing that she was dying, but it seemed to me in my 17 that it should not happen.

I saw her attenuate body, pale yellowish skin, her grimaces of a restless, terrible pain she suffered from. She was on her way to a surgery since the intestines were blocked and the body was intoxicating itself. She was humble and patient, her voice was low, and her eyes revealed despair.

What I was stunned by the most was this despair. I wished to help her somehow, having so many consolatory words in my mind. It was hard to imagine for me, a totally inexperienced nurse’s aid straight from school that any warm, probably clumsy words can revive the hope in the eyes of an ill person.

It was a revelation moment, when I realized that I must become a physician and learn everything about human body.

The stretcher left the elevator for the surgery unit. One more lady stayed in the elevator, an elderly hospital matron who had not to deal much with medicine but had seen a lot within the walls of the hospital. She looked at my stunned face and said: “In case I became ill, I would never accept a surgery, I would find a remedy, probably herbals. I wish you, girl, to find such a remedy!”

Just then the thought was born in my mind that it must be a remedy somewhere, probably, not many were aware of it, but I must certainly find it! I had worked in the surgery unit during 2 years, I saw the tough work of surgeons, I heard various skeptical expressions of nurses regarding the recovery of patients, I felt the sufferings of the patients. It was important to me to analyze everything I had seen. That’s how I started to get my personal experience.

A disease is a borderline dividing the sick and the healthy, nobody wants to fall ill, but in case of illness, all of us want the best, but the main thing we need is hope. Let it be the first page of my book…

So I found not just a remedy but a whole therapeutic method – homeopathy. It is not only medicine, it’s a whole world of changes! One better lives a short, full of inspiration life, but free of obsessions, fears, uncertainties, without physical pain, it is better than to pass several decades with Alzheimer feeling nothing!

Every one of us wishes to be free, also free from diseases, for that reason homeopathy is of a great importance for every person. Because homeopathy brings hope even when there is no hope…

But don’t get too excited, if an apple is rotten, you can not eat it.

Simply if you feel some changes in your body, don’t wait, go to a homeopath. There are periods in life when we all have some complaints, so we go to a doctor, and he says that it is not a big deal. You are still worried about something, but your complaints are not taken seriously, because they can not serve as a basis for a diagnosis. Today even the most state-of-the-art equipment can not detect initial changes in the body, so there is nothing to treat. However, homeopathy physicians know that any stress causes changes, and if the body does not restore itself, it means you are moving towards an illness. We can not detect the outcome of these changes (will it be a serious disease or not), but we certainly know that the changes must be taken into consideration and a treatment should be prescribed to restore the balance.

Homeopathy is in reality a preventive medicine which helps to recover protective properties of the body.   

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