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Good afternoon, doctor!

Yesterday did not repeat Bryonia 200, because there was no fever and almost no cough, i was not disturbed by snot after blowing my nose. I slept well at night, I was not delirious, I did not even wake up, my nose was completely breathing, it did not clog at all. In the morning I got up, there were no symptoms of a cold, a little snot when crying, cough was practically absent (coughs occasionaly), no fever, she drinks by herself quite a lot at a time, maybe half a glass and quite often as well), a little capricious and without appetite. Doctor, I think we’re getting better. Thank you, it’s great, never before we were able do deal with cough so quickly. I hope we will go to the kindergarden and not get sick !!!

If anything happens, I’ll write to you.

The only thing, she wets herself, the diapers are full((.. but she stopped urinating when coughing!

When should we come to an appontment, if she continues to urinate?

Yours faithfully,



Good afternoon, Dr. Tatyana! Arseny after a visit to you and taking the remedy began to sleep peacefully the next day, without waking up at night and without screaming. Sincerely, K.


Good evening! I am writing to you again about Kr! We had an attack of bronchial asthma, you prescribed and we gave Sambucus 200! The attack passed, decreased in a couple of hours! No cough after the attack, although usually he coughs out mucus for week after, then it seems that everything is being cleaned, and after Sambucus he does not cough! The asthma attack is stopped! The first two nights after the remedy there were pains in the ears! He sat down and cried at night. Doctor, should we wait now? I wanted to inform about a change in his health after Sambucus 200 single dose.

Sincerely, A.


OK, we will observe!

Now she’s been jumping all evening, eats well and is generally very cheerful. I am amazed certainly by the way homeopathy acts …Tomorrow I will write again. Goodnight!


Hello! My mothers leg has practically recovered – does not hurt while walking and at night; A week ago, after a test walk on the stairs it hurt a little, but after a couple of days of training, the knee was better. HOW DO YOU DO THIS? She ate 1 pea! Also all the joints are much more mobile than they were. Of all the problems only insomnia remained. I want to bring her to you, but my mother does not go to the street yet, because its slippery. Can you interview her on the phone?
I also have some improvements, but less than I would like. Is it possible come to an appointment to you already? (Lats time I came on October 22nd, my mother came on October 29).
My son turned 21 yesterday, studying in London (Kingston University, Creative Music Technologies), employed. He’s well. Thank you very much for his as well!!!



Good evening, Tatiana,

I also wanted to make a compliment to you – you prescribed me Sepia 200 after our meeting, and because of curiosity I looked at the characteristics of this remedy on the Internet – it was so accurate that I was amazed!
A lot of what we did not even speak about (though much and not entirely respectable :-))

I understand that this should be a sign of a properly selected remedy.

And now for the second time I have started menstruation with absolutely no unpleasant sensations, no pains in my stomach, nothing draws anywhere, i didn’t even expect that, and the emotional state is also more even.

And even after the reception there was a feeling that the appetite was adjusted, decreased, and I did not desire sweet as usual.
However, then came two festive weeks and of course, the picture all spoiled 🙂

But the discharge, about which I complained, still remains.

Thank you, O.


Good evening!

Yesterday I took China 200 according to your prescription.
Today I feel much better, there is no such intolerable weakness, there were periods, but not as bad as it was yesterday.
The head today was also just slightly painful, there was pressure in the nape of the neck, but it was more tolerable, if felt it more in the morning, by the evening my head itself ceased to hurt. There is also no feeling of pressure in the heart area -somewhere in the afternoon, about 2 PM, i felt it, then after I rested, it passed. During the day I wanted to sleep very much, but because there were many things to do, it did not go to bed, and at the same time it did not get any worse by the evening.
Even the cough in the morning was not as strong as the last few days. Breathing today is also easier, although I tried not to go out and not be in the heat.
In general, I feel much better

Thank you very much for your help! After yesterday’s terrible condition, I am a living person today.

Today, as I understand, I should not take anything?

Sincerely, O.

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