What is the process of homeopathic treatment


What is the process of the treatment?

Treatment with homeopathy is a pleasant enough experience for the patient, and very subtle, compared to other treatments. The amazing notion of nature – the thinner the impact, the more powerful it is, the deeper it affects the body.

This can be traced in any sphere of life. The quieter we talk, the more we listen, the more we delve into ourselves, the more interest we light in others.

Homeopathy acts subtly, and the treatment itself is to take sweet peas or drops, often just a one-time reception with an amazing effect! And how often this can be seen!

Of course, doctors who act by other methods – surgery, powerful drugs, will be outraged, because it seems that by applying great strength you can not see the desired result, how can something be done with a minimal dose and pleasant treatment.

It’s very simple, it’s nature, and you have to listen to it. Treatment with homeopathy gives a powerful effect, you need to know the point of application, so that the body stops going into the disease.

This work is far from simple, and it is this why doctors of homeopathy learn for years. The homeopathic physician makes a decision after a careful analysis of the case, sorting out possible remedies, and choosing the best for the patient’s complaints. Everyone who has experienced the action of homeopathy understands its power. I shall repeat – similar it is treated by the similar!

The first paragraph in the book Organon of Medical Art (the homeopathic constitution) begins with the fact that S. Hahnemann says: “The highest and only purpose of the doctor is to return the patient to health or treat, as it is commonly called …” How high was the responsibility of the founder of homeopathy and how he urged all doctors to follow their example!


What will a homeopath prescribe you?

As a rule, it is a common form of drugs in the form of sweet peas. Homeopathic medicine is prepared on a liquid carrier, and then this liquid is transferred to a sugar pea. Peas are of different sizes, so there can be small and large peas, but this is not fundamental. One dose can be from one to several peas.

This information is important especially for patients, because not everyone does treatment carefully, and pays attention on how they took the remedy, and what it was called.

This is the most important factor, except for the name and the number next to the remedy (12,30,200, etc.), because, based on this, the doctor can change the potency or ask to wait longer, because the action can continue.

Knowing your remedy, it is much easier to make a decision on further treatment during after-hours. Sometimes, there is a need to refer to another homeopath, and then knowing your remedy will help make a more accurate decision.

If you do not know your last prescription, then this is a difficult task, because it is not clear how to evaluate the effect of the drug, maybe its still working? Thus, if you know the previously prescribed medication, and can evaluate today’s complaints, then the homeopathic treatment that begun because of chronic problems is not disrupted.

Of course, every doctor notes the prescription in the medical history, but in my practice, patients contact the doctor after the hour, when the stories may not be at hand.

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