What is homeoptathy?

Homeopathy is a method of healing which differs substantially from any other healing method and has most numerous advantages one can only ask:

  • homeopathy does not distort, but does restore a balance in your body;
  • homeopathy contributed to immunity recovery;
  • homeopathy eradicates diseases;
  • homeopathy heals acute diseases;
  • homeopathy influences deeply chronic diseases;
  • homeopathy suits for adults and children, pregnant women, babies and seniors;
  • homeopathic method is simple for the patient;
  • homeopathy does not induce any side effects;
  • homeopathic medications do not damage the human nature and environment;
  • homeopathy does give confidence, eradicates complexes and extinguished feelings;
  • homeopathy makes one strong and happy.

Anyone who has experienced effects of homeopathic medicine at least once, knows that it helps to get back all desires and a sensation of happiness!


Biology which is a life science describes well cell’s natural properties. A cell can fission, restore itself after being damaged, and die. Every action is taking place due to natural autoregulation processes in a cell.

A cell and its parts are always in motion. Only once you look into a microscope to make sure that life is motion.

Any body is a scope of cells. Every group of cells fulfills its proper function. On a certain stage a cell fissions actively, when it is enough, another group of cells stops this process, but when a foreign protein (vaccine, microbe, virus etc.) enters the body, there is group of cells which tries to attack intruders.

If a number of cells which suppress the fission (growth) decreases, this can cause an ontological process. The whole body is in motion even when it sleeps, and this motion is in control of every ongoing process.

We all do understand that the motion in the body is ongoing due to general energy. When there is a sufficient level of energy, the mood is cheerful and you wish to live, to do, to create. This is a proof of health. If general energy level is disturbed one starts to have health problems.

Do you remember how the illness started? Suddenly felt a high temperature, sleepy mood, were unable to get up?

No doubt, there are energy disturbances in the body which means the onset of illness. Biology teaches us to observe laws of nature which govern the human beings as well. If we breach these laws, a total chaos and an irreversible disease start in the body.


Medications are prepared by repeatedly diluting of a basic matter (any therapeutic agent tested and included into Materia Medica – homeopathic pharmacology) and dinamization. Preparation of homeopathic medications is not a complicated technological process, but it is time-consuming one. One should be very attentive to prepare a homeopathic medication able to influence patient’s energy. This introduction about person’s energy was compulsory to understand what homeopathic medications have an effect on, however it is still impossible to understand the marvels of the homeopathic healing, you can only feel it!


After having discovered the principal law of nature and homeopathy – like cures like – S.Hahnemann continued his research for the best way of preparation of homeopathic medications.


It is already in the 18th century when the scientist and homeopathy founder Samuel Hahnemann discovered how to use natural substances in therapeutic purposes. It is in the 18-19th centuries when scientists searched for medicinal agents, at the same time all exact sciences developed: physics, chemistry, mathematics etc. But there was still no cure against severe illnesses.

S.Hahnemann worked every single day to improve his discovered therapeutic method. His task was not only to find the best way to prepare homeopathic medications, but also to test new medications in order to use their properties in homeopathy.

Every homeopathic medication is given to patients only after trials and availability of a precise description (but it is an enormous work). All medications are included into Material Medica, homeopathic pharmacology which is still being appended by new substances after their trials.

New homeopathic medications are never tested on ill person (!).

This is one more distinctive feature of homeopathy since homeopath’s deontology or duty is never expose patient to additional sufferings!

S.Hahnemann kept strictly to this conviction and appointed the same to his followers.


It turned out that every substance has its proper mystery: both poisoning and healing properties, everything just depended on a preparation method.

This is exactly the essence of the mild action and the healing marvel performed by therapeutic agents.

The years-long experimentations of S.Hahnemann proved that it was not necessary to increase the quantity of medication and to extend a treatment course, but just the opposite (!) – to decrease the substance quantity. Sometimes it should be quite enough with one medication intake containing multiply diluted substance in order to change the energy flow from pathological to healthy rail!

Yes, that’s true if you stick to the knowledge that the beginning of a disease is related to distortions in a general energy flow in the body. Consequently, this energy can be forwarded only by a subtle impact of a substance multiply diluted by a special method. If the substance had been matched individually it does possess such abilities.

In an amazing way only a substance containing just a trace of toxic parts (diluted multiply) has the best impact and this is why it has no side effects.


If you are acquainted to the oriental medicine than you know that the philosophy of the oriental medicine is also based on a theory of energies recognized as fire, water, wind, metal, and air. This theory believes that distorted energies cause diseases.

The principle of balancing energies is used to restore the harmony (for example, excessive fire is suppressed and insufficient fire is stimulated and so on).

It is surprising that the oriental acupuncture and occidental homeopathy have the same understanding of a disease like a distortion of energy in the body. Those both therapeutic methods – acupuncture and homeopathy where firstly discovered and applied in different parts of the globe independently of each other.

Those methods are exceptional in helping people to get rid of various diseases, but the main common feature of those two is ability to prevent severe illnesses which may cause person’s fragility and dependence.

Every method is self-sufficient and works on the same level. Their combination is unacceptable by contrast of what we often see in Europe since a deep understanding of their influence on the body is lacking.

You may ask why then the knowledge is so limited. The answer is simple – there are not enough good teachers and high trained homeopathy physicians.


It is incredibly interesting to study homeopathy not only because this brings absolutely new horizons, but also because homeopathy represents a deep knowledge on human being, it’s essence and nature.

The scope of this knowledge includes the understanding of a psychic pathology and a physical pathology, the ability to understand what is norm, and above all the perception of the course of illness, reasons of deeper disturbances in the body, reasons which caused one or another sensation.

An unbelievable amount of new information brings chaos into minds of students, furthermore, it is not so simple to see without a teacher the essence of a substance as well as person’s pathologies. You know, it is like in the childhood – while your mama hasn’t point out, you didn’t think about blowing your nose!

The most complicated thing in human life is self-organization which is possible only if you are passionate about your profession and comprehend human sufferings. This requirement is unconditional! Almost a round-a-clock work is necessary in order to find out the truth.

How is it possible to comprehend human sufferings? Certainly only through your own sufferings.

The inner world is protected, and it is not an easy way to go to find out the truth! The teacher is a person who can transmit his or her skills and those skills should be as effective when performed by students, otherwise one should not have a teacher! HOMEOPATHY brings excellent results when treating a variety of diseases, but in order to find that “like” (since “like cures like”), one should have a wide knowledge. Not only small potions do heal, but also individually matched medication!

How do you buy shoes?

You match size, color, style, price, season and so on.

The same approach is in practice in homeopathy, it is very individual which requests knowledge of all the problems of this specific person. Different people are touched by very different things.

If someone will take offence for the rest of his life if called “fool”, than the most part of the people would not simply notice it. Likewise a homeopathic medication should be matched in a way that you react to it (it must affect you) and your energy should recover.

An individual sensitivity towards homeopathic medications should be found out, but it can not be tested, this is in your mind that you should understand which medication would be therapeutic in this case!


The most important disadvantage of homeopathy is a long-term training of homeopathic physicians which requires not only theoretical background, but also a practical experience in order to be able to comprehend patients’ problems.

A conversation at a homeopath’s office seems just a conversation, but in fact the physician focuses just like at a math exam in order not to commit an error and not to miss something very important.

During the consultation the homeopath does work intensely, guiding by additional questions to patient towards discovering more precious information. Previously acquired information makes clear which direction to go.

A beginner homeopath is obliged to conduct a broad and extended enquiry, but an experienced physician will ask questions purposefully since he should already have in mind the right medication.

The experienced physician will persist until the treatment is found out to begin with. The confirmation is precisely described symptoms in the testimony of the patient which corresponds to the aspect of the medication.

A homeopathic physician must have sharp mind, analytic abilities and should be able to bear with an hour-long mental workload, to be even tempered, able to deal with any human pathology: from aggression to unpredictable, inconsolable grief.

All those skills develop gradually, and experience brings a higher professional level, and it becomes easier and easier to separate the wheat from the chaff.


Patient is a person suffering. And any person can become a patient – younger, older, every one of them coming with his or her own feelings, sufferings, life experience, and living conditions. A physician, especially a homeopath should accept as it is.

Therefore homeopathic approach is distinguished by a strict individualization what is being perceived improperly by many.

In various fields of medicine individualization means just patient care, meaning that a physician and a nurse will be assigned to a patient. However treatment, manipulations, as well as medications are the same, all of them applied repeatedly in the conventional medicine. Even if diagnoses are different you may see the same prescriptions, most often these are non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, hormonal therapy, i.e. a therapy suppressing patient’s complaints.

In reality individualization means understanding of personality’s particular qualities, its pathologies turning into diseases, not just detecting a diagnosis.

An individual medication is matched then consequently.

For instance, a homeopath has five patients with the same diagnosis of gastric ulcer, but they will get five different prescriptions, as everyone of them is a personality and the ulcer has developed in different conditions.

One of the patients has been stressed for a longer time and the smallest stimulation destroyed his nervous system. So this patient should not have a medication against the gastric ulcer, but a remedy to quench the state of irritation and nervousness, and only under its effect the ulcer should disappear.

In other case the gastric ulcer appeared because the patient could not say a word in response to the aggression of his children, and it hurt a lot. This patient certainly would have a remedy destined for a personality with an excessive, pathologic amenity of temper, asociality, and introversion. Homeopathic treatment shall restore and free the personality, as well as has an epithelizing action onto the gastric ulcer.

This is what we call an individualized approach in homeopathy.

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