International seminar of classical homeopathy – May 2018 – Latvian University – Vangelis Zafeiriou M. (Greece)

International Homeopathic Seminar organised by Latvian University
(Centre of Education for Family Health) and Centre of Classical Homeopathy (Riga,)
according with a programm for professional homeopaths “Practical Homeopathy”

05.-06. May, 2018 in Latvian University, Riga

Venue: 19, Boulevard Rainis, Room Nr. 415, Riga, Latvia


Lecturer – Psychiatrist, Homeopath, Vangelis ZAFEIRIOU M.D. (Greece)


1. Aggression and fears in children. Cause and homeopathic therapy.
2. Children who do not match their age: treatment of overdeveloped children
and mental retardation children treatment.
3. Prescription for a mental case based on physical symptoms and vice versa!
4. “Incurable diseases” and treatment limits.
5. Materia Medica according to clinical cases.
6. Video documented cases.
7. Questions and answers. The dialog of homeopaths.

About Dr V. Zafeiriou

V. Zafeiriou is a well-known teacher of homeopathy in Europe (Greece, Germany, Croatia, Turkey, Italy and others.). He is working as medical doctor – homeopath from 1983. Dr Zafeiriou focuses on mental health problems, their diagnosis and treatment with classical homeopathy according to S. Hahnemann.
Dr Zafeiriou founded the School of Classical Homeopathy in Athens in 2004, and has been teaching there for 12 years. He teaches homeopathy at the highest quality level to doctors and homeopathic practitioners. His scientific work is well known by homeopaths around the world.
Dr Zafeiriou has participated as an invited lecturer in several LMHI congresses. V. Zafeiriou is president of the Association of Classical Homeopathy (HAHMC) in Athens, responsible for education at HAHMC, member of the education subcommittee of ECH, founder and organiser of the continuous homeopathic postgraduate education course “Homeopathic dialogues” and postgraduate homeopathic seminars. He is a founder and member of the council of “Scientific association for promoting homeopathy” (Greece), since 2008 he is a member of the council of Medical association of Athens (representing 27 000 medical doctors). Dr Zafeiriou has full-time homeopathic-psychiatric practice.

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